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B2B Research Recruitment Experts

Focus Crossroads delivers the decision makers and opinion leaders who drive your business.

Recruitment and Fieldwork

Focus Crossroads is renowned for its management of complex, multi-market projects. The combination of our 40-person in-house phone center, along with our vast knowledge of B2B and low incidence, niche audiences allows us to recruit participants that are not available via lists or panels.

Qualitative Suites and Facility

Our top-rated, state of the art research facility features three spacious suites and is centrally located just outside of Manhattan in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Qualitative Suites Research Facility

3 Spacious Suites

Each suite includes a very large discussion room, viewing room and dedicated client lounge with concierge services and host.

Experienced In-House Recruiting

We find our quality respondents through advanced training and extensive experience in the rigors and processes of research.

The Latest Technology At Your Fingertips

We use cutting-edge equipment at Focus Crossroads including Digital A/V recording standard, in-house video streaming.

Expert Moderators and Dedicated Hosts

Our specialists and moderators help you execute your current project to the highest standards.

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