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We recruit participants for a wide variety of qualitative marketing research projects. Frequently employed methods include online bulletin board discussions, telephone depth interviews/TDIs, in-person and virtual product & concept tests, online focus groups, ethnographies and non-traditional methods that require recruiting insightful consumers, be it locally, nationally or internationally. Of course our state-of-the-art facility allows us to conduct in-person qualitative research 24/7.

Our national qualitative database is exceptionally diverse, meticulously maintained and growing daily. Based on the evolving list of consumer types that we are asked to recruit, we target the most appropriate potential participants who are phone-screened by our highly trained recruiting professionals. When required to do so, we also leverage social media, support groups, networking and incentivized referrals in order to attain a particular hard-to-reach consumer target. In order to refresh and expand our consumer database we also collect consumer profiles at events, and use advertising, and a variety of ongoing outreach programs to sign consumers up.

During telephone validation, recruited consumer participants are vetted by our recruiting professionals to ensure that they are well spoken and are open to providing thorough and insightful opinions. Our diverse consumer recruitment staff facilitates communication with any demographic group that your research may require.

Mock Trials

We create the correct environment for your trial and our comprehensive respondent database ensures the demographics of your mock jury will closely parallel those of the potential jury pool.

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