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Recruitment and Fieldwork

Focus Crossroads | New Jersey's TOP-RATED research facility

Our recruiting team has been trained to locate participants from the most challenging markets. We’ve recruited qualitative participants across a vast array of different geographies; from large metropolitan areas to off-the-grid, rural regions. Focus Crossroads’ recruiting capabilities span both in-person and online methodologies – with the latter achieved through our partnerships with specific national and international panels – allowing us to identify the exact recruit to align with your project objectives.

  • Executive, experienced in-house recruiters
  • B2B and niche audiences that are not on lists or other panels
  • Multicultural and low incidence populations
  • On-site phone center with 40 CATI stations: Interviews conducted over the telephone between a consumer and a computer, with responses keyed directly into a computer. Administration of these interviews is managed by a specifically designed CATI software program, with built-in safeguards that do not allow the input of invalid responses.
  • Quality respondents
  • Higher than average show rates

National and International Recruitment

B2B Recruitment Specialists

Healthcare Recruitment Specialists


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